Washing systems

Our fully automated washing equipment and washing systems provide complete processing, washing, drying and cooling of goods.

The equipment is fitted with all the necessary washing and processing steps, drying equipment and cooling systems to achieve the required cleanliness, temperature and capacity levels.

The machines are equipped with a fully automatic transport system for transporting goods from the fetching position to the output position. The equipment can be easily fitted with a patented liquid purification system, where used-up washing liquid is purified internally inside the machine.

Changing the used washing liquid with newly inserted, preheated washing liquid, with the dosing of chemicals, takes up to 20 minutes from the stop to the start of production. During operation, the working washing liquid is purified in the washing machine through magnetic conveyors, a return liquid purification system with automatic filters, oil separators and washing filters, which considerably extends the life of the washing liquid.

Washing results

Washing results are affected by these factors:

  • Washing Method (pressure, flow and technology)
  • Time (duration)
  • Additives (cleaning chemicals)
  • Temperature (liquid temperature )