Carousel washers

Our carousel washers, with an option to load and unload items from the same place, are adapted to degreasing, washing, rinsing, drying, varnish removal, phosphating, etc.

They are available in several designs and can be supplied as a 1-step version or a multi-step version.

The washers are adapted to customer needs in terms of the washer size and the number of washing, rinsing, blowing and drying steps, depending on the cleanliness requirements, capacity and load size. Loading and unloading of the washing equipment is adapted to customer needs and requirements. For example, it can be performed manually or by a robot or via a portal.

Washing results

Washing results are affected by these factors:

  • Washing Method (pressure , flow, technology)
  • Time ( duration )
  • Additives ( cleaning chemicals)
  • Temperature ( liquid temperature )