Cabin washers

Our cabin/chamber washers for degreasing, washing, rinsing, drying, varnish removal, phosphating etc. are available in several standard sizes which can be tailored to customer needs.

Our customized washers are fully tailored to the needs and requirements of customers both in terms of cleanliness requirements, capacity, cabin size, the number of wash cycles, and the number of washing cabins and dryers.

The cabins can be manufactured as throughput washers, which in many cases may facilitate the processing of goods through the machine. The washing process and the washing equipment are adjusted to ensure that capacity and cleanliness requirement are met.

During the washing process, cavitation washing, ultrasonic washing, or rinse washing from rotating rinsing ramps can be built in, or the items can be rotated past some fixed full-coverage rinsing ramps.

Washing results

Washing results are affected by these factors:

  • Washing Method (pressure , flow, technology)
  • Time ( duration )
  • Additives ( cleaning chemicals)
  • Temperature ( liquid temperature )